• Embodied Astrology

  • Chart Readings, Movement Exploration, Stillness Meditations

    In my readings, I offer you something grounded, beautiful and REAL that you can apply to yourself and your life this very moment. I incorporate my movement training, offering body centered practices to help you embody and embrace all of who you are. In your reading with me, you will get information and initiation that you can run with and immediately incorporate.

    I offer natal, transit & composite/relationship readings, workshops and ongoing classes.  I am also available to  as a mentor or coach to those who are entering their journey into Astrology or want to use the astrological map as a guide.  Readings are an hour long. $150 for Individual reading, $200 for Relationship Reading & $100 for personalized hourly astrology classes.

    To make an appointment contact Maria at 978-314-2735 at mariaskinnerdreams@gmail.com

    Astrological Services

    Maria Skinner has been practicing astrology since 1988. She has been incorporating and cultivating body-oriented practices into her astrological reading and teaching since then and feels that learning astrology in this way is the best way to truly align with the cosmos both above and below, inside and out. 

  • Astrology and the Rise of the Divine Feminine: 3 Anchors for Deeper Connection

    Here is where you will find the audio and PDF version of my offering to the Sacred Self-Care Well. Dive in with me!