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    Monthly Deeply Nourishing Restorative Yoga Workshop Infused with Music with John Calabria

    Sunday, April 2nd, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm   Cost: $30

    Within this gift to yourself… Gentle Yoga postures to nurture your body, breathing and meditation will relax your mind, poetry from the ancient masters to nourish your spirit.

    Space is very limited, and $30 holds your spot.This not a coupon class.  Register for this worshop via paypal with John or drop off at studio during class.  Please RSVP to John by email to eganvay@gmail.com to pre-register. 


    Contact John here



    FLOW MOTION ~ slow motion medicine for our bodyminds with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

    Saturdays, April 8th, May 13th, June 10th  11:15am-12:45pm  $25

    This slow motion medicine for our bodyminds unwinds the nervous system and helps us to drop beneath the surface layers of fatigue into a inner world of fluid vitality.

    When stressed, our bodyminds can shift quickly into fight, flight, or freeze mode: rally to attack/defend in conflict, run away as fast as you can, or contract every muscle under conscious control and, ironically, become paralyzed. These coping mechanisms are effective to a certain degree, but can become profoundly limiting - and exhausting - if they are the only tools in our toolbox. Come and get a tool that will bring you deeply in and help you stay connected and open. 

    For more info: Elisabeth's page here.
    Register with Elisabeth here or call her: 617-955-0252