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    Dance Spells™: Using the Body and Dance to Shape Reality with Maria Skinner
    Thursday, December 13th - 6:00pm- 7:00pm, $20

    Everything comes through the body. Our senses, our emotions, our intuitions, our inspiration... it is all amplified and felt in this mortal coil we call home. Come play with desires, wants, callings, awarenesses, surrenderings. We will write and then dance to embody and explore through the body. Creating reality from the inside out. Develop this skill in a deeply safe and supportive group.
    Email Maria at ynfl@msn.com or use paypal below to pre-register. 



    Seasons Breathings with Jenny Silverberg & Keyona Aviles
    Sunday, December 16th, 4:00 - 5:30 pm, $30

    Connecting to our spirit through movement and self-expression is what we love to do all day long!

    The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness AND STRESS!

    Does this sound familiar? If so, give yourself the gift of inner peace by learning some simple and effective TIMBo tools that will support you through the holidays and beyond. You will get a taste of the TIMBo program starting at StarFish in January (see below). 




    Learn, Laugh & Let Go with internationally with renowned stress relief educator and Laughter Yoga Master trainer, Robert Rivest

    Saturday, January 5th, 2018: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm  $20

    Robert Rivest shares his unique health and well-being practice blending mindful breathing, playful tai-chi, expressive movement, and laughter yoga.  Robert Rivest is an expert in mime, tai-chi and laughter, he is great at sharing how to free your body and mind so that laughter will flow freely, joyfully and spontaneously. His exciting exercises and energizing movement help participants feel more positive, playful, upbeat, and cheerful throughout the day.

    Great for anybody with a body in any fitness level




    TIMBO (Trauma Informed Mind Body Yoga Series) with Jenny Silverberg & Keyona Aviles
    Starts January 6th, 2019 and runs for 16 weeks,  Sundays 4:00-5:30pm.
    Cost:  $465 by Dec 21st or $515 after Dec 21st.
    People who are healing from trauma and other overwhelming experiences, whether recent or historic, can benefit greatly from TIMBo. In this program you will learn how to:
    Consciously be in the present moment to better manage stress.
    Use the tools to come back to your body to reclaim your inner experience.
    Call upon the benefits of mindfulness to achieve emotional balance, confidence, more joy in your life, better relationships and a resilient worldview.
    TIMBo is an effective, evidence-based, trauma informed mind-body program that has helped hundreds of women around the globe heal and empower themselves. Come see what TIMBo can do for you.
    For more about TIMBo check out this news clip
    Your TIMBo Co-Facilitators...
    Jenny Silverberg has a Master's Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy, is a licensed TIMBo facilitator and an assistant TIMBo Trainer. She works in many agencies in and around Boston as well as in local yoga studios and wellness centers. Recovering perfectionist, Jenny Silverberg, knows we need to feel protected, cared about, understood, and encouraged in order to achieve personal and professional transformation. She does this work because it works, and because she loves to see women rockin’ the good life.
     Blessed with multiple talents and a memorably calm, inclusive, presence, Keyona Aviles is changing the way everyday people experience themselves and the journey toward wellness. Keyona Aviles, LMHC, is the founder of a home-based wellness boutique / private practice where she provides therapy and treatment to women, youth, and their families. She has integrated her 15 years of clinical mental health experience with what she knows to be true for herself and so many others: awareness of the body, movement, and curiosity are crucial to emotional/mental well being and soul level healing.
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    Ageless Grace Recertification at StarFish with Amy Podolskly & Maria Skinner

    For Ageless Grace Educators that are doing their yearly recertification!

    Sunday, February 10th, 2018  (1:00-4:30) $50

    Your opportunity to come together with fellow Ageless Grace Brain Health Educators, to review the basics, find out about new information, ask questions, discuss best practices (including marketing and playlists), and more! 


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    Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Robert Rivest
    2 day Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification Program 
    Saturday, March 2, 2019 11:30-6:30pm & Sunday, March 3, 2019 12:30-6:30pm FEE: $295 

    Join Robert Rivest and friends for two joyful days of learning, laughing and playing. As a comic mime artist and mindful tai-chi teacher, Robert Rivest has been leading playful, creative, stress relief workshops for over 20 years. His Laughter Yoga Leader trainings are fun, informative, and inspirational celebrations of joy.

    Participants of Robert Rivest's Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training will learn how to:

    • Laugh more easily and more often.
    • Develop a personal "Laughter for wellness" practice.
    • Bring more laughter to your co-workers, friends and family.
    • Lead Laughter Yoga classes, clubs, workshops, and seminars.
    • Offer Venue specific Laughter Yoga sessions in a wide variety of venues.
    • Confidently bring health, laughter and joy to people of all ages and abilities.


    Robert Rivest offers Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings for: Individuals, Groups, Companies, Corporations, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Non-profits. He trains people year round and on site. With this training you will be able to confidently share the joy of Laughter Yoga (and all it's health benefits) with your organization, group, clients, family and friends! 

    Graduates receive a 120 page Laughter Yoga Leader Manual and an official certification from The Laughter Yoga International University signed by Dr. Kataria and Robert Rivest. This certification will qualify you to lead Laughter Yoga classes, workshops, seminars and Laughter Clubs. Plus, it is so much fun! Can you imagine laughing, playing, learning and sharing the joy of laughter for two days with a great group of people!

    To learn more about Robert Rivest and Laughter Yoga, visit him here!




    Ageless Grace Seminar & Training at Starfish with Amy Podolsky & Maria Skinner

    2 Events for Personal Practice and Certification!

    SEMINAR: Friday, March 22nd, 2019  (12:00-4:00) $55

    CERTIFICATION TO TEACH AGELESS GRACE:  Friday, March 22nd, 2019 (12:00-8:30pm), Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 (12:00-6:30) $390 ($315 without materials)

    Ageless Grace consists of 21 Simple Tools of Lifelong Comfort and Ease - activating all 5 areas of the brain and addressing all 21 "aging factors" of the body. It is based on the cutting edge science of neuroplasticity, with practice sets (or tools) that are designed to re-open the neural pathways created from the time we were born until we were about 18 years of age... and the tools create NEW neural pathways by practicing physical and mental skills we do not already know how to execute.

    Ageless Grace is based on play which is how we learned as children. Classes are taught sitting and not only create new neural pathways, but are fun, musical, cardiovascular creativity bursts! To learn more about Ageless Grace click here.

    Come and get the tools while having a great mind expanding FUN time!


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